One Protocol, One Planet! The Nemechek Protocol is Now Available in 7 Languages.

Foreign Translations of The Nemechek Protocol™ for Autism and Developmental Delay


So much information and yet so easy to understand. Dr. Nemechek answers so many questions from ANYONE for free from on his website, which is not common is it? I say give it a try. We started our child a few weeks ago and are already seen results. I have a strong feeling this is going to work in the long run, I wish I had found him before, THANKS DR. NEMECHEK!!!


If you have a child that is cognitively impaired, GET THIS BOOK. We began the protocol not expecting much but have seen great strides in our 4 year old daughter. She is now engaging with others and interested in being a part of a group. I believe this may be her ticket to living a more normal life. Thank you Dr. N for restoring hope.


I work in the health industry and have read almost every book out there that relates to gut health. There is nothing out there like this one. I have never seen such a clear, concise, and accurate detailing of what happens when we lose gut health. If you have digestive issues, read this book. If you have chronic illness, read this book. And of course, if you have a child who is struggling, for any reason, read this book.


Coming Fall 2018! The Nemechek Protocol for Autonomic Recovery