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MyAutonomics Brain Monitoring and Nemechek Protocol App

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The MyAutonomic Brain Monitoring App will be available this fall! MyAutonomics is for use with iOS iPhones, iPods, iPads only.

MyAutonomic is capable of monitoring the health of your autonomic nervous system as well as help your build and monitor the success of your own customized Nemechek Protocol!

Autonomic health is monitored through the variation of the capillary pulsations in your fingertip.  The pulsations are measured with either the builtin camera or with the MyVagus Sensor.  Your brain health symptoms are also monitored every 2-4 weeks when you take the MySymptoms quiz.

MyAutonomics also walks you through the critical steps in building your own customized Nemechek Protocol.

MyAutonomics plots your scores on a graph as your improved brain health as your Vagus Inflammatory Index increases and your MySymptom score.

This will be available through the iTunes App Store.