Olio Medico Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1.5 liter

Each 1.5-liter bag of Olio Medico contains 100, 1-tablespoons (15 ml) or 300 1-teaspoon (5 ml) doses of COOC-certified extra virgin olive oil designed to meet Dr. Patrick Nemechek's specifications for a high phenol count (610) and wonderful buttery taste.

Nemechek Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil is designed to deliver at least 5 mg health-promoting polyphenols within 30 ml of oleic acid, the omega-9 fatty acid that protects you from inflammatory cooking oils. 

Phenol content and oleic acid content are both considered essential to the health-promoting properties attributed to olive oil.  High concentration phenol oils consumed in small amounts are lacking the necessary oleic acid.  

Our high-tech 1.5-liter bag is better for long-term storage of olive oil than even dark green, glass containers.  The micronized foil lining blocks the damage effects of light, completely prevents any loss of phenols, and does not allow oil-damaging oxygen to enter the bag as it is emptied.  Our bag is the best long-term storage solution for olive oil on the market.

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